IceCream Store

Al-Munif Holdings is an established Saudi Arabian company with investments in key sectors. As a renowned company in the Middle East that has several food brands (Cookies N’ Cream, Anoosh Chocolates, among others) it made perfect sense to launch their own high-quality ice cream brand.

As they usually do, this is not ordinary ice cream, they use top quality ingredients creating a dense and pure-flavored, with smooth, consistent texture and a rich, velvety mouthfeel.

Such a premium product needed a branding that reflected all of these qualities and also transmits the happy soul of this brand. To achieve this, we selected a color palette that combines warm and cool colors to generate the right balance and the expected impact. For the logo, we work with a humanized illustration of a puffin. The style of illustration used shows great detail in the features of this playful artic bird maintaining an overall vintage style. The script typography was handmade to accompany the Puffin giving the logo a distinctive cool and eye-catchy feeling.